Lori Faith Merritt

Lori Faith Merritt specializes in equine and cultural images that transcend the ordinary. Passion is evident in the images that portray how she feels about what she is experiencing rather than simply presenting what the camera sees, resulting in evocative and insightful imagery.

Her life experiences allow her to communicate with horses and horse people alike, providing an environment of integration vs. isolation.

Lori Faith’s images have been published internationally in magazines, newspapers, websites, and are enjoyed by private collectors. A “photographers” photographer, Lori Faith Merritt has provided bio photographs for several well known photographers.

Artists internationally have utilized her photographs for their art pieces. She serves as official photographer for equine and cultural events, documenting them in a photojournalistic and artistic manner.

Based in Tucson, AZ, she travels extensively to provide customized photography for ranch shoots, barn calls, and portrait sessions, and to gather images for her portfolio. Her primary passions are Mustangs and Western Culture.

Artwork by Artists Lori Faith Merritt

Follow the Leader
Equus Essence