Kathy Morrow

morrowKathy Morrow’s paintings on clayboard capture a mood somewhere between reality and myth.

Kathy draws inspiration from her own experiences and those of her people and animal friends, then integrates elements from Native American legends to create her striking compositions. The results are uniquely expressive, of her personal thoughts and feelings and the cultural heritage she learned while growing up on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona and the Pine Ridge Oglala Reservation in South Dakota.

The combination of rich color and graphic precision we find in her work is the result of a time consuming process. She brushes watercolor paints on clayboard, cuts line details into the clay surface with a knife, and then glazes the board with oil paints. The question of how long do the paintings take is a common one and Kathy’s answer is “weeks and weeks; months and months; but not years and years” )- The finely textured images invite the viewer to share equally in the artist’s recent experiences and treasures of her past.

Kathy has moved the medium of Clayboard (also called Scratchboard) beyond the traditional black and white into full color.

In 1990, her medium made another leap with the creation of kinetic paintings. Kinetic paintings are created from two originals paintings on Clayboard that are planned for each other to make a third image in the middle view. When passing by the painting it appears to change as your view point changes. See the view animation buttons on the kinetic pages for a better understanding and appreciation of these one of a kind originals. Come see the paintings in person at an art show and take one home. The calender above will keep you up to date. Or you can shop easily at home by using our website shopping carts.

Kathy Painted her first life size pony for Trail of Painted Ponies in 2001. Give Me Wings was followed in 2002 with another life size pony Horse Feathers (High Desert Horse Feathers). Both ponies were made into collectible figurines by Westland Giftware and are now for sale on this site along with other original ponies that were designed for Trail of Painted Ponies future consideration.

Artwork by Artists Kathy Morrow

Not Even a Mouse
Tatanka Christmas
Prickly and Hummer
Passion for Pink
Midas Touch
On Gossamer Wings
Gold Strike
Cholla and Hummer
Apartment 2 Bee