Jack Sorenson

Attention to detail and a strong story line are the trademarks of Western artist Jack Sorenson.

Growing up in Texas on his father’s dude ranch and frontier town on the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon, Jack lived the scenes of the Wild West that he now paints, participating in mock gunfights and driving a stagecoach.

Later he moved on to breaking horses, which he continued to do after marrying his high school sweetheart, Jeanne, and while he began to paint more seriously.  “I’ve known all my life that I was going to be an artist,” he says. “It’s like a preacher being called–it’s what I’m supposed to do.”  After his first one-man show sold out, Jack opted for painting full time.

“I believe that great paintings should tell a story–they should involve the viewer,” Jack explains.  “Too much of Western art today is basically a cowboy or Indian rididng through a Western landscape.  We have the opportunity as artists to do so much more.”

Today Jack is one of Leanin’ Tree’s top-selling Western greeting card artists.  His images have also appeared nationally in connection with a wide variety of products, ranging from prints and puzzles to wallhangings, as well as on the cover of such magazines as Western Horseman, The Cattleman and Quarterhouse Journal.

Artwork by Artists Jack Sorenson

Thunder of White Water
The Thunder of Hooves
Looking Glass Falls
Cooling Off Period
Building Memories
Cool Water
Shady Lady
Unscheduled Flight
Santa Fe Art Critic
Into the Palo Duro
Wet Paints
The Texans
Pretty as a Picture
Last of the Wild Ones
Kickin' Up Dust
Forced Entry
Daddy's Shadow
Colorado Cowboy
After the Storm
A Lifetime in the Saddle
When All that Glitters
The Lookouts
Springtime in the Rockies
Great American Cowboy
Greased Lightnin'
Western Church
Cow Country
By Hisself
13 Kinds of Trouble
Winds of Change
Sandstone and Stolen Horses