Doreman Burns

d-burnsDoreman Burns’ watercolor compositions of the American Cowgirl are a fusion of light and shadow, as well as his own imagination and reality, both past and present. His unusual use of the watercolor medium produces clean, sharp images, and brings his subject matter to life with vibrant color and design.

“I try to paint a figure that portrays the strong independent cowgirl spirit, while trying to grasp an accurate reflection of the western cowgirl culture. I stylize, emotionalize, and romanticize my cowgirls.”

As for the shaded eyes, Burns says, “This creates an intriguing mystique that draws you in, but protects the window to the soul.” The paintings are penetrating and personal, people identify with them. They have an attitude.

Living in historic Corrales, near the Sandia mountains of New Mexico, gives Burns a continuous source of inspiration for his present series, which he calls “Dancing with Cowgirls.”

A native of Lubbock, Texas, Burns attended Texas Tech. University. He has received recognition and awards from numerous organizations. Burns’ work is widely exhibited in public and private collections.

Artwork by Artists Doreman Burns

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