Don Marco

marco-donDon Marco was born in Northern Minnesota in the late 1920′s. His interest in art was evident even before starting school.

As a young adult in the Army Air Corp, he began his life’s career in Air Traffic Control, which continued until his retirement from Honolulu International Airport in 1973. Much of his spare time was spent as a professional artist.

Before retirement, Don started developing a technique to create fine art using Crayola Crayons. Shortly after retiring he published his first print. Living in Southern California, his work was in demand including commissions from Burt Reynolds and a one-man show at his Dinner Theater in Florida.

Highlights of Don’s career include:

  • Portrait of Arizona artist Ted De Grazia on a collector plate
  • Mpls/ABC TV feature. On the Road with Jason Davis
  • Duluth/CBS TV feature. Points North
  • Mpl/CBS TV feature. PM Magazine – local and national
  • Duluth WDSE public TV feature Up North
  • Newspaper articles in major U.S. cities
  • KUSK TV Feature. Northern Arizona
  • Plate Collector Magazine, Self Portrait and Feature Article, 1979 (cover story)
  • Rainbow Reporter, Binney and Smith magazine cover and feature 1982
  • More than one million prints sold.

Artwork by Artists Don Marco

Winter's End
Western Ranch
Spring Rescue
Red Tailed Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
Our Bird
Old Scout
Northwoods Deer
Leather And Wool
Leather And Wool
End of the Hunt
Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day
Dawn's Early Light
Black Bear
Noon Stage to Cottonwood
Before the Storm
Stoney Point Inbound
Federal Rideau
Early Morning Departure
Late Afternoon Arrival
Walpi Man
Standing Bear
Skull Musket Saddle
Sioux Warrior
Navajo Meeting
Navajo Wisemen
Navajo Elder
Navajo with Bow
Chief Red Wing
Chief Spotted Elk
Bear Bull