David A. Maass

maassDavid Maass’ career as a wildlife artist spans five decades and the accolades he has received from his peers and the appreciating public are a result of diligent study and dedication to his work.

His inspiring images of waterfowl and upland game birds are considered some of the finest art available in the wildlife and nature genre.

As a pioneer in nature art, Maass has paved the way for many new artists and helped make art more accessible for the appreciating public.

Maass’ artworks reveal an amazing understanding of light and thorough research of subject matter. Each Maass painting provides a visual experience that captures the spirit of the outdoors and fills you with awe and wonder.

A seasoned hunter once said of David Maass’ work, “That’s exactly how it is and if it isn’t, it should be.”

As an avid conservationist, David Maass is committed to fostering efforts which benefit wildlife and native habitat.

In addition to winning 33 duck and conservation stamp competitions, including two of the coveted Federal duck stamp contests, Maass has raised millions of dollars for conservation organizations by donating original art and limited edition prints on a national and international level.

Artwork by Artists David A. Maass

Island Treasures - Pheasants
Texas Light - Snow Geese
Canada Geese
Birch Line
Autumn Marsh