Ben Wright

Spirituality and Native American imagery are the cornerstones of Ben’s large body of work.

His bold images have stuck a chord with diverse collectors ranging from entertainers such as Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, to the Dallas Cowboys, to the city of Keelung, Taiwan.

A graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, with post graduate studies at S.F. Academy of Art, Ben has seen his work exhibited extensively throughout the west, from Hollywood to Santa Fe.

Ben was also invited to be the first artist in residence at the Frederick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg New York.The two month stay, in addition,include exhibition of twenty works adjacent to the museum permanent collection of Remington bronzes and paintings.

As a person with native heritage (Cherokee), Ben feels that Native American people provide healing pathways for everyone. the traditions of the People are inclusive, all colors, all nations, all welcome, all related and connected by through the wisdom of the Great Spirit that is part of living things.

“I believe that in the new age of self-awareness and self-realization,the empowerment and guidance of the “Old Indian Way” still apply .All things related,all things connected.”

Ben currently lives with his family in Sedona.

Artwork by Artists Ben Wright

Ben Wright
Red Water
Morning Water Woman
Holy Rock
Cloud Hat
Blue Star
Black Tai
Black Han