About Us

TXLC Custom Tile Murals was started by sheer determination by Tammie Riggs, with encouragement from family and friends.

As Tammie tells it…

The inspiration for TXLC Custom Tile Murals, LLC. began while my husband and I were building our dream home. If you have ever built or remodeled a home you can understand the stress of wanting everything to be just right.

As the project progressed into the final stages I noticed that something seemed to be missing. In the expanses of tile behind the stove, bathtubs, and showers the walls seemed bleak. I caught onto the idea of putting a picture into that colorless area and giving it a little life. I didn’t want grapes and wine bottles, but something that ran more to my tastes. I wanted a western!

By design I am a blacksmith and metal artist. No matter how fine the work required for the detail on an iron rose petal, I know nothing of ceramic and porcelain. However, I was determined not to leave those spaces on my walls bare.

I already had my pictures, chosen from a collection of art years in the making. Each picture was meant to bring out a particular mood, or even joke, depending on the room. I contacted an acquaintance at a printing company and asked if they could help solve my problem.

That day I was in luck. They not only had a way to transfer images to tile, but now I had a name for this thing I wanted so badly; sublimation. I took my murals home for installation, as well as a couple extras I wanted to install later in furniture.

My tile went up quickly, but eight years later while digging through storage I happened upon the additional murals. In this moment the idea struck me that maybe I wasn’t the only one who would appreciate having those empty spaces filled.

It took eight years, but in that time something wonderful had happened. When I began my research I discovered that the technology had progressed so much so that the finest of details could be seen. The colors were more vibrant, and the images even more beautiful than those on my own walls.

Immediately I wanted to tear out my old murals. Instead I got caught up in an idea. Each new mural that came off the press was an amazing surprise. Every new image, and even those I had already seen printed, was breathtaking.

World Renowned Artists

Formed in March of 2007, the company began by seeking out world renowned artists, many of which had never heard of this process before.

Today the galleries offered on the TXLC Tile website include the work of Larry Fanning, Jack Terry, Jack Sorenson, Don Marco, Frank McCarthy, Terry Kelly-Moyer, and David R. Stoecklein, just to name a few.

Each Tile Inspected

Tammie understood what she wanted for her home and knew what it meant to her to make that happen. She also knew she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Each tile is inspected with that same feeling in mind.

If a tile doesn’t meet the standards necessary for install in her home, you can bet the tile won’t make it out the studio door. The result is a product manufactured with care and concern for the customer.

Exactly What You Need and More!

No matter how big or how small, measure the space and the staff at TXLC Tile will work with you to make sure that when you open that package, the product is going to be exactly what you need and more.