Place Settings (set of 4) – $24.95

Add Pizzazz to Your Next Dinner Party

Place Settings These 3″ x 3″ square ceramic name cards come in a set of four and are a great way to indicate seating arrangements. Use dry-erase markers for re-use or have the name printed on the tile as a memento of the occasion. Great for dinner parties, formal wedding receptions and even business meetings! To begin finding the artwork you would like on your set of place settings, click here to view the place setting image gallery or select from one of the categories or artists in the sidebar.

The Overseer
Scared Stiff
Autumn Marsh
Birch Line
Canada Geese
Texas Light - Snow Geese
Island Treasures - Pheasants
Late Season
Cactus Shadows
First Dusting
Approaching Storm
Shadow of the Forest
Barnyard View
Butterflies of the Deep
King of the Mountain
Surprise Rival
Tail Walking
The Bighorn River
Hang Up
Autumn Dream
Blue Mayhem
In the Mangrove Roots
Wrecking Crew
Batting Cleanup
Rockweed Garden
Hunting Below
His Time to Shine
Sonora Showdown
Backwater Bull
The Pinnacle
Arizona Evening
Red Spider Lily by Derek McCrea
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