Scott Westmoreland

Scott Westmoreland began drawing just about the time he first picked up a pencil.

Fast forward, he received his art degree from California State University, Fullerton in 1991. Having been an actor from an early age, he made the natural transition to entertainment artist where he began working as a freelance illustrator for the motion picture and theatrical industry.

He soon found himself on staff with the Walt Disney Company, where he served as a staff illustrator for nearly a decade. Here, he created numerous paintings for marketing, merchandise and collector edition lithographs.

It is the time he spent with Disney that he credits for his ability to create fanciful, yet realistic imagery and the bright, magical color-palettes that have caught the eye of the art world.

Most recently, Scott signed with Sagebrush Publishing, and began his journey as a fine artist. Having grown up on the Southern California coast, it was a given that he paint scenes that reflect the beach and surf.

With a love for nostalgia, he created this wonderfully reminiscent series of classic woodie cars from the forties and fifties. He attends many of the car shows up and down the coast, where he is able to photograph these beauties for his paintings. He then places them in a variety of creative settings, both actual and out of his colorful imagination. Scott would like to thank all of the owners for lovingly restoring the vehicles to their original splendor.

When not busily painting in his home studio, Scott and his wife Karen try to keep up with their two young children, Cooper and Gracie. He is thankful for his many blessings, and hopes you enjoy your drive down memory lane.

Artwork by Artists Scott Westmoreland

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Board Stiff
Pier Group
Break Time
Top Dawg
Surf Dawg
Tropic Travels
Hawaiian Hideaway
Paradise Porch
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Maui Morning
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Blue Lagoon
Buttercup Buick
Surfin' USA
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